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A monthly report, by the LCP Leadership Team Members.


Election Report

Incisive and explosive commentary and analysis of current political news and election integrity issues....



We need YOUR Help on our election Committee in time for next year's upcoming election season.  PLEASE contact us, and we will refer you directly to Mr. Tom Schaech our Committee Chairman for elections.  We look forward to you joining the fight for election integrity!


Election 2023 and Beyond…


Here we are—Friday, 10 November 2023—the eve of celebrating Veteran’s Day! We honor ALL who have donned the uniform in defense of our Nation, whether it be in actual combat or standing “at the ready” during peacetime. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!!

When looking back at this week’s elections, several things become perfectly clear---WE have a LOT of work to do! While we were quite successful in assisting “our” School Board candidates across the proverbial “finish line” (and I’ll acknowledge them in a bit), it is again blatantly obvious that the Communists (Democrats) are still better at routing their base—either through motivational mailings, en masse door-to-door canvassing, or nefarious means such as ballot box loading and manipulation of actual voting machines (Lehigh and Alleghany Counties)!

One has to wonder—will the Conservative populace ever achieve the degree of “success” at the ballot box as trumpeted by the Left in Virginia, Pennsylvania (judicial races), Kentucky, and Ohio as was witnessed this week? I dare say NOT, until we as a national movement embrace and employ the tactics—just the LEGAL ones—that have proven in the last THREE elections to be triumphant to the left wingers. It is WELL PAST THE TIME to be simply angry, complaining, or frustrated and give up! While this County maintained its Conservative majority as to voter alignment, overall turnout was generally in the 25-30 % range.

UNACCEPTABLE!! In an age where more than ever EVERY VOTE DOES COUNT, we as Patriots must continue the fight and mission to motivate every voter to TURN OUT on Election Day!! As you have heard on so many occasions, our Legal Counsel refers to the lament of people confined to work/labor camps who cry over the Constitution they “once had” as they are stacked against the guarded fences like cordwood. All one has to do is review a little of history in Europe during the 1930s and see what took place there!! Believe me, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think it couldn’t happen here!!

That said, the end game is now in play. November of 2024 will arrive before we realize it, bringing God knows what to our populace and way of life as the days in this Presidential election cycle click down. Sticking our collective heads in the sand will only exacerbate the multitude of issues we face as a nation and states! There is ONLY ONE PATH FORWARD!!  GET OFF OF OUR COLLECTIVE REAR ENDS—ABANDON YOUR COMFORT ZONE---AND FIGHT FOR THE LIBERTIES THAT OUR VETERANS SACRIFICED SO MUCH FOR!! Get involved at the local, state, and federal levels with candidates who espouse our values and beliefs!!! The time has arrived where you must LEAD, FOLLOW, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!


Congratulations to our conservative and Christian valued friends who will now steer their respective School Boards to (hopefully) an emphasis on our children’s education along the lines of common sense, Christian values, and a renewed era of accountability and personal responsibility. As a result of many folks working hard to make these citizens known to the voting public, I’d like to officially recognize the following people who have “stepped up to the plate” and will be the decision makers in many of our districts:


  • East Lycoming SD:  Craig Dudek and Scott Ritter

  • Jersey Shore SD: Cheri Peters, Bill Pfirman

  • Loyalsock SD: Dave Bjorkman

  • Montoursville SD: Doug Gardner, Brad Eisenhower, Brenda Oberheim, and Tina Mc Cloy

  • Williamsport SD: Tom Adams, Michele Hazel

While we may not enjoy the majority on some of these district Boards, rest assured that these folks WILL stand up to the radical fools who have attempted to hijack our most precious resource from the path of common sense and decency!  JOB WELL DONE, EVERYONE!!!


Now –and I mean NOW—we MUST coordinate, plan, and drive our movement into high gear if we have any hope of regaining the White House one year from now!! Rest assured that the Communists WILL (and in many cases are already well underway), using everything in their Satanic arsenal to yet steal another election from WE, the PEOPLE!!  Make no mistake---this year will be a WAR of many fronts. It is our sworn duty as Patriots to take responsible actions in every effort to thwart this enemy!! GET INVOLVED!!!


Tom Schaech

Chair, Election Committee



© 2023


From the Chair....

Editorial comment and observations by the Chairman of  the Lycoming County Patriots, Richard A. Houser



All Politics Is Local……..REALLY….


Another election cycle has come…..and gone….. with the National implications for last night’s returns and perhaps a foretaste of what is to come…..Maybe…..

On the top National Level from Ohio, Kentucky, to New Jersey and the PA State Courts didn’t offer much to be jubilant about.  A true conundrum was in full view—why would so many vote in the Democrats when everyone knows exactly what they’re doing and will do?  Well….Let’s see. In Kentucky, Andy Beshear, a Democrat incumbent governor managed to best Daniel Cameron by less than 5 points. Beshear was vastly over financed at nearly 3 to 1 against Cameron and many Republicans split their tickets to make this happen as the down ballot went solidly Republican to the tune of 60-70%. 

Ohio voted in an abortion amendment to their constitution as well as legalizing marijuana.  The abortion amendment was extremely ambiguously written to allow for much confusion to get it passed—and it did. The Republican governor there, Mike DeWine and the party apparatus did not do nearly enough work as they should have to stop this---what a surprise. 

Virginia went Democrat in the House of Delegates and kept their majority in the Senate.  New Jersey stayed blue…no surprise there…, as New Jersey is one of the top five most corrupt states in the union. 


In Pennsylvania—all of the statewide judicial positions went to the Democrats backed up again with a blizzard of mail in ballots, in most cases giving the Democrats a starting total of up to 400,000 more votes banked ahead of a single vote cast on Election Day. Such deficits are extremely hard to overcome. None of this, of course, is good news…and the banking of votes prior to election day MUST become a Top Priority for the Republican Party well in advance of Election Day 2024.

BUT….There actually IS much Good News!

Tate Reeves held the Governor’s Mansion in Mississippi, besting Brandon Presley, a distant cousin of the “King”, Elvis Presley.  Staten Island NY has gone now solidly Republican.  In the coming days, there will prove to be many more elections, laws and referenda nationally passed in favor of sanity, more to come on that!

Here locally, it appears those we have worked with and helped as candidates, ALL won their respective races.  Including Scott Metzger and Marc Sortman for Office of County Commissioner, and it appears we have swept the School Board contests—a happy conclusion locally as Lycoming County came through last night with flying colors!

As I write please read the names of the School Board Directors that YOU had a hand in electing last night:

East Lycoming, SD:            Craig Dudek

Montoursville Area SD:     Tina McCloy

                                                Brenda Oberheim

                                                Brad Eisenhauer

                                                Doug Gardner

Williamsport SD:                Tom Adams

                                                Michele Hazel

Loyalsock SD:                      David Bjorkman

                                                Tyler Richardson

Jersey Shore SD:                 Cheri Peters

                                                Billy Pfirman

A “Thank You” to All and thank God for allowing us the help and strength necessary to bring these good people over the line.  We won last night because all of YOU Won first by volunteering to be a part of this powerful revival of the American Experiment. We have been and are continuing to exert the effort and power needed to right the ship of our Republic and bring back a high quality of government for our communities and to our nation.

It cannot be overstated, my friends,—NONE of these wins would have been possible without our group, our work and our resources and most of all; it could not have been done without YOU!! 


Once again, God Bless you all, and God Bless the Great United States of America!


R. A. Houser

Chairman, Lycoming County Patriots

© 2023

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