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Lycoming County Patriots is constantly attuned to current events, news of the day, and legislative actions which will effect us all.  As such, we diligently work on a list of priorities that will have the most weight and impact on our region and nation going forward.  Though these priorities will change from time to time, those that follow will always be in the top tier of items on which we will take consistent actions.

Brothers...I am a Warrior..
General George Washingtion, 1779



THE necessity of doing all possible to be sure that EVERY election is absolutely fair and without the taint of Fraud, as the 2020 Presidential Election most certainly was, is of paramount importance, as if we do not remedy this criminal activity once and for all, we will lose our country forever to an election machine dedicated to placing its own candidates in office without regard or concern about the preferences of the true electorate.  This is a battle....a War we MUST win....


IN these days of Critical Race Theory, BLM/ANTIFA, and Transgender policies among many others making their way into School Curriculums, it is well past time to oppose and remove ALL of these destructive concepts from our schools.  NONE of this modern day indoctrination will bode well for the future of ANY student or the Nation at large if allowed to take hold and prosper.  We must FIGHT to regain ALL of our institutions, not the least of which is our schools.  Without a balanced and honest, forthright and America centric education, our children cannot hope to retain the God given blessings of freedom and liberty bestowed upon them by the courageous actions of our Forefathers.


EVERY effort must be made to revitalize, restore and repair our Great American Culture we have been given, passed down from each generation before.  WE must be the stewards...and the Guardians of that culture to preserve, protect and defend it, most especially these days, from the enemies within....our own Government, and Institutions, who are charged themselves to defend our Nation, Culture and way of life, though have willfully failed in that charge.  WE must right this wrong, and demand the quality of leadership we should and must expect from those in positions of power.


TAXES must be fairly apportioned, and not used as a cudgel against the citizens of this country.  Taxation, though necessary, is employed best when its burden is shared reasonably by all.  Income taxes are more of a ruse of wealth distribution that any remedy for the rampant expense and insatiable money lust of our current legislators and associated government institutions, to paraphrase, "The Government that Governs best, Not Only Governs least, but also TAXES LEAST".  For the first 137 years of our Republic, taxation was levied, but for a short time during the Civil War, on goods and services, excise taxes and customs and import duties.  It is genuinely within reason that such a tax scheme will work today, as the income tax is a punitive system designed inexorably to tax the least of us the hardest.  This system MUST be revamped, and completely changed for the economic health of our Nation and its people.


THE Economy and the health of it, are the Duty and Responsibility, NOT of government, but of the people of the nation.  Little to NO interventions are needed or welcomed by introducing government micro-managements, and ill fated foolish policies fostered and promulgated by bureaucrats, and hapless public officials who in most cases have NEVER in their lives held an actual Job.  LESS government interference and regulation, along with a vigorous teaching and optimistic approach to giving our people the easiest path possible to own and build businesses and wealth, and in so doing, our country and its people will prosper many times over as a whole for each success that is allowed to flourish in this, the greatest wealth building system ever created by man.



IN The end, it is FREEDOM that we seek to restore, and defend, as its precious blessings are powerful and at the same time fleeting and fragile if not cared for, or about.  We must all actively and ferociously fight to protect these God Given Liberties we have been so blessed to enjoy for all of these years. WE must be the guarantors of that freedom, that it survives and strengthens on our watch, that it shall NEVER be we seek to instruct those who come after us, the value of the legacy they own as a birthright, and that one day soon it will be to them its sustenance and future will depend.  In this, we will steadfastly work to promote the best of the American Credo and its promise, and that this promise shall not perish, but live on with greater force and strength than ever before.

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