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The January 6 Project...You can help Support these Wrongfully Detained American Patriots!!!

This Week's Featured Political Prisoner:
Mr. Matt Da Silva

Matt Da Silva 9/24/23 Political Prisoner in the DC Gulag

For every Sunday I got a little something written up. If you got time, I'd like to read it.

Among J6ers, there's no shortage of anecdotes about the kind of treatment we and our friends and family

receive while we're, while we rot in jail. Friends, family, colleagues, and even townspeople fear losing their

jobs, clients, wages, connections, relationships, and in some instances, can even be kicked out of their

church. And because this is up to some, it's reasonable to expect it to happen to others. So, prudence is the

order of the day. If you're lucky enough to escape the sadistic wrath of the sociopathic media outing you,

you get the best who you can trust to come out about your situation. And no matter how many people take

your side, it's always surprising to see how many decide to turn their backs. Among that group of people

who want nothing to do with you, there are two types. One type of the principle of leftist, you know, the

people who call you seditionists or terrorists and think whatever you get, it isn't enough.

There's a second curve though. That group of people sympathize with J -6ers, but also don't wanna call

attention to themselves. This sort makes no public or private shows of support. They see what we endure,

and they aren't in for the deluxe J -6er experience. They don't wanna be doxed by the media, be violently

assaulted by activists. They don't wanna be fired or canceled for wrong things. They have families of their

own after all. So why should one opinionated family member bring all that kind of chaos down on everyone

else? It isn't responsible, it isn't fair. There's always another important soccer game to drive the kids to

another big piano recital, not to mention all the bills, bills, bills. Who in their right mind wants to add the

threat of an FBI raid on their homes? You've seen the videos; you've even heard the stories. The feds have

no problem pointing their rifles at the innocent women and helpless children. No one in their right mind

would do this to their own family, right?

That's why it's hard to call these timid -supporters cowards. Though if you think about it, this fits the

definition of a little bird that in fact gives it to fear. But it all seems to fit too strong an epithet, a little too

judgmental. But it's also fairly obvious that compared to the sympathizer who does support or even

compared to the committed leftists, this group of unsupported sympathizers come across as, so he's

committed. Maybe because they have so many pragmatic concerns, we can't label them as cowards. But

they're also nowhere near the mantle of heroes. Heroes is what you call those, who also both sympathize

and support the J -6ers. Think about it, these people face the same fears, the same threats, and they still

want to set their heads first into the fray, whereas one group chooses to stay on the sidelines out of an

abundance of caution. The other group raises the slings and arrows come what may. They do it because

they sympathize, of course, but they also do it because their highest loyalty isn't to their image or reputation,

but to their principles.

Liberty, the Republic, the Constitution, America, with local supporters have what's known as hero virtue, is

courage under fire, a refusal to back down under the petty threats of pathetic tyrants. If you're one of these

people, you may think that what you're doing has barely any effect at all. A social media post here, a five -

dollar donation there, a letter attending the vigils in the rain. But from where we stand here in the DC Gulag,

these are actions which redeem America. Let me tell you, it's really easy. When you're choking down a tray

of ice cold, oatmeal, are locked and away from your family. Watching the world carry on from the two -inch

slot that serves as your window, it's easy in that moment to despair. And really doubt your life choices, but

also really doubt America. How can this country be okay with the wholesale rounding up of thousands of

citizens? The mass surveillance of political speech, programs that target pro -lifers and Christian churches?

Why are so many people taking this lying down? The supporters' collective voice shuts all this down.

By reaching out, by stepping outside the protective shield of anonymity, these people are showing the

regime that try as they might, they aren't getting away with it. Then Americans are aware that they don't

approve of what Biden is trying to do, our society and our rule of law.

You supporters, give hope to the hopeless, and courage to everyone else still sitting on the sidelines. Look,

with all due deference to the timid supporter and his moral calculus, no one is saying you have to consume

your home with Proud boy flags or put a bunch of anti Biden lawn signs down, you're allowed to be subtle in

your support. And how you do it is ultimately up to you. One thing we all must be aware of, however, is the

fact that cowardice tends to be a self -fulfilling prophecy. If you choose not to take a stand for your children's

sake is your business. But by not taking a stand today, you aren't protecting them. You're ensuring that they​ will have to grapple with the same situation or wars in their own time. What feels like prudence or timidity

today will only compound the magnitude of the nightmare you and your family will be faced with tomorrow.

Something to think about. It's time to sideline indifference.

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The January 6 Project...You can help Support these Wrongfully Detained American Patriots!!!

This Week's Featured Political Prisoner:
Mr. Robert Morss


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