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Richard Houser


Rick Houser is the current Chairman of the Lycoming County Patriots, and has been involved in several political campaigns in the past 25 years, is politically active in support of the Constitutional framework that has made our country possible and prosperous.  Rick is dedicated to affirming and maintaining this framework and the precepts of Freedom and Liberty that have made this country strong and a perennial beacon of the light of freedom in an ever darkening world.

Catherine Burns


I'm a mother of a great son,  have been self employed since 1980, strong Conservative, supportive of the police & military.  I believe our country has gone off track, our children are in danger, and have faith we as Patriots, standing together can turn America around, with God's help!  

Tom Adams

Treasurer/Financial Officer

Greg Stapp

Legal Team

Greg is a highly respected attorney in many forms of litigation, and offers his myriad talents to the Lycoming County Patriots on an ongoing basis.  Please note too, Greg is HEAVILY Involved in fighting the Covid/Mask/Vaccine Mandate push being made by employers and sundry government officials, and is championing Freedom, Personal Choice and Sovereignty in the face of these malicious edicts.  Please...if YOU have an issue regarding this situation, feel free to contact Greg directly by simply clicking on the Super Lawyers tag above. 

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Marc A. Scaringi

Legal Team/Of Council

Marc Scaringi is and has been involved in many important aspects of the law as it relates to the current condition of our state and nation.  Not the least of these is his very important work regarding the poisonous doctrine of Critical Race Theory, and it's destructive influence in our schools and school curriculum.  Marc is working for the total disbanding of this noxious ideology from our school systems.  Please, if you or your child is being exposed to this Marxist oriented dogma, know that Marc is on your side.  Please simply click on the photo at right to connect directly with Marc's website.  

Catherine Burns, Rick Houser

Agenda Coordinator

Membership Coordinator

Mike Freezer

Faith Committee Chair, Group Chaplain

Tina McCloy

J-6 Committee Chair

Tina has taken charge of bringing news and information about the many people who have been illegally detained abused and incarcerated by the U.S. Government for simply attending the January 6, 2021 Trump Rally in Washington D.D.


Fundraising Committee Chair


Membership Committee Chair

Tom Schaech

Election Committee Chair

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